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segunda-feira, junho 18

olha olha, amiguismo blogosférico

não querendo deixar de dar razão ao dr pacheco pereira, por quem, como já fiz questão de tornar público e notório, nutro a mais elevada admiração (com pequenas interrupções e derivas, como não poderia deixar de ser, até porque de contrário ainda se pensariaque somos amiguistas), aproveito o ensejo para dedicar uma citação de roth ao paulo pinto mascarenhas, que andou lá fora, mais concretamente em israel/palestina, a lutar pra vida, como dizia a mui saudosa hermínia silva.

'why does everybody around here hate isarel so much? can you explain that to me? i have an argument every time i go out now. and i come home in a fury and can't sleep at night. i am allied, in one way or another, with the planet's two greayest scourges, israel and america. let's grant that israel is a terrible country --

but i won't.

but let's grant it. still, there are many countries that are far more terrible. yet the hostility to israel is almost universal among the people i meet.

i have never been able to understand it myself. it seems to me one of the most curious freaks of modern history. because it's just an article of faith among left and left of center, insn't it?

but why?

i simply don't understand it.

do you ever ask people?

yes, often.

and what do they say? because of the way they treat arabs. that is the greatest crime in all of human history.

oh, sure, that's what they say. i don't believe a word of it. i think it's one of the most extraordinaries pieces of hipocrisy in human history.


what do you think is at the root of it?

i don't think it's anti-semitism.


not in the main, no. it's just the fashionable left. they're very depressing. i can only come to the conclusion that some people are so wedded to certain unrealistic ideas of human justice and human rights that they can't make concessions to necessity of any kind. in other words, if you're an israeli you must live by the highest standards and therefore you can't do anything really, just go back and turn the other cheek, like j.c. said. nut also it seems to me an unspoken corollary that you criticize most harshly the people who actually behave best, or the least badly. it's quite banal, isn't it? i think it has to do with the last gasp of romantic hatred of the twentieth century.'

(deception, philip roth)
|| f., 02:43


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