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...para Ana Sá Lopes (asl), Nuno Simas (ns) e João Pedro Henriques (JPH). Sobre tudo.[Correio para]

quarta-feira, junho 13

deception. or not.

'i might lie in court in some circumstances. but not necessarily.

do we know what those circumstances are?


then maybe you oughtn't come. i'd love to see you. i'm dying to see you. i'm really really very confused by you at this moment.

sorry. i don't want to be tiresome.

don't be silly. but i'm telling you i'm confused by you. of course i missed you. terribly this afternoon, in fact.

what do you miss?


oh, come on. i don't want any dirty talk.

i'm afraid some of it would be dirty talk.

well, i suppose that has its place.

yes, well, then come around. sure, come around, my little liar.'

(deception, philip roth)
|| f., 22:04


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