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...para Ana Sá Lopes (asl), Nuno Simas (ns) e João Pedro Henriques (JPH). Sobre tudo.[Correio para]

quinta-feira, junho 14

more deception

'why aren't you happy with your wife? why isn't it enough?

why isn't your husband enough?

i told you a great deal about him. i want to hear about you. i've told you plenty about myself. i want to know why she isn't enough.

you're asking the wrong question.

what's the right question?

i don't know.

why am i here?

because i followed temptation where it led me. i do that now that i'm older.

all of this sounds like a popular song.

that's why they're so popular'.

(deception, philip roth)
|| f., 15:13


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